Where to Purchase Tickets

There are several ways to purchase tickets for the CapeFlyer!

  • South Station – tickets are available for purchase at South Station.
  • Onboard– Buy your CapeFLYER ticket from a conductor after boarding the train.  Please note that if you purchase your ticket onboard, you must pay in cash or use the MBTA mTicket App.
  • In Advance – purchase tickets with the MBTA’s mTicket Mobile Ticketing App (see video below). The MBTA mTicket App is currently available for use to purchase tickets on your smartphone. Please see below for app download links.

About MBTA mTicket – Mobile Ticketing App

With the MBTA mTicket you can securely purchase your CapeFLYER tickets in seconds! The conductor will scan your “smartphone ticket” on board. Have questions about the mTicket? Click here or watch the below video to see how it works.

Please note: If you are purchasing a ticket on the MBTA Ticketing App and are going to or from Wareham Village you will need to purchase a Buzzards Bay ticket.

GreyiPhoneAppStore - MBTA mTicket - Get the App

greyAndroidGoogleApp - Get the MBTA mTicket App!

On-Board CapeFLYER

If you’re unable to purchase a ticket from the MBTA mobile app, you can purchase a ticket from a conductor onboard the CapeFLYER. Your ticket will also have discount coupons to local attractions!